Randy McKee, VP Sales Ontario & Western Canada, Artiq 

I’ve had the opportunity to have Chef Steven cook for us on many occasions.  In fact, Chef Steven is our go to Chef for just about any occasion where we have a party or bring in someone to do the cooking for special occasions.  Chef Steven is creative, spontaneous, and super talented when it comes to cooking and preparing any type of food.  What does this all mean?  It means that regardless of your palette or dietary requirements the dishes he prepares are never run of the mill, he can change on a moment’s notice based on the suggestions of the attendees, and there’s always a use for every part of whatever ingredient is used to prepare these delicious meals.   Not only is Chef Steven an amazing cook, but he’s very communicative and loves to share his love of cooking along with the knowledge he’s gained over many years.  Through Chef Steve, I’ve learned what makes a good knife – and why a good one is so expensive, to where a particular herb comes from and how to best use it.  With Chef Steven, the experience is as good as the food. 


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